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Student Advocates in Washington, D.C.

My Washington D.C. trip with KidUnity was so inspirational to me. I not only learned of what went on in the nation’s capital, but I also got to be part of it. My group, CHANGE in Nepal, wanted to improve the chances of children in rural Nepal getting education, so we decided to advocate to several people including four exceptional women at the Brookings Institution, Global Giving, and even our Uber drivers!

We learned that in Washington D.C., you have to move fast and manage your time. You have to be ready for anything and everything. If a meeting got canceled, you scheduled another one as soon as you could. If there were no meetings, you all walked down to Starbucks and discussed your next moves.

In conclusion, Washington D.C. taught me perhaps one of the most important lessons I will ever learn. Even though I’m young, even though I’m inexperienced, I can make a difference.

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