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The 2024 Iowa Presidential Caucuses Workshop










Welcome to KidUnity's 2024 Iowa Presidential Caucuses Program. The Iowa caucuses present a fantastic opportunity for teaching presidential politics because observers – even students who are not eligible to vote - may attend these “gatherings of neighbors” and experience politics in action.


As the entire nation focuses on Iowa, KidUnity students will be there, standing shoulder to shoulder with Iowans, presidential candidates, political operatives and campaign staff, and members of the local and national media.  


As student journalists with a front-row seat in this exciting media and political circus, you will file stories, write press releases and social media updates, and produce short news videos.   Please click on the Press Tab to view student articles and press from KidUnity's 2020 Iowa Caucuses Program.


Most importantly, you will learn the significance of civic engagement, acquire sharp investigative skills, and enjoy an empowering and fun team building, newsroom experience . 


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