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Community Explorer Program Winter 2015

This program will offer students the opportunity to delve deeper into the community challenges they encountered in the Fall semester, and apply many of the problem-solving approaches they developed in addressing these challenges.  


(Students who did not participate in the Fall semester are welcome to join).


Program dates are:


Jan 13, Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 24, March 3, March 10, March 17.  Students will also participate in the UBH Home Run For Kids on Sunday, Feb 8.


Seizing the Mantle of Service and Change


We are excited to build on the success our Fall session but employ some new approaches. Our Winter session differs from our introductory session in that new projects will be - in the spirit of service learning - much more student directed. Group process and student input will drive our curriculum, our problem solving, and our critical thinking. Leadership and interpersonal skills will become paramount.


Building on Past Success and Following Their Lead


Inspired by student input, KidUnity’s Winter semester will kick-off with a focus on a large, local charity event - the Upward Bound House Home Run for Kids 5K on February 8, 2015 (  Students will decide how to play a significant role in this fundraiser.  The students will also adopt an apartment at Upward Bound House. To accomplish this they will need to create a budget, determine what furnishings are necessary, and coordinate the purchase and delivery of the items. They will also be in charge of deciding how to document the process and share it with others.


During the second half of the semester, Team KidUnity will create their own path. Our Community Explorer Program is prepared to support a wide variety of students’ initiatives, such as helping the environment, impacting veterans, protecting animal rights, and much more.  They may want to effect change through traditional media, social media, or advocacy.  Their interests may be global or local.  Whatever their passions, our students will learn, do and give to the causes that they choose to explore!  

* All session, lesson plans and locations are subject to change based on partner organization schedules.  Please consult the website in advance of each session for an up-to-date schedule!

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