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KidUnity provides fun, age-appropriate after school and travel programs where kids can explore and serve their community, acquire leadership skills, and develop an expanded sense of self and others. We emphasize experiential learning to connect students to service and civics.


KidUnity's mission is to forge a new generation of community-minded leaders by providing great adventure and indelible memories along the way.


KidUnity's graduates will be equipped with the tools to make a difference and with the inspiration to use them.  The only entry requirements are open eyes and an open heart!


KidUnity programs are inspired by two major national movements in education - "service learning" and "21st Century learning." Both movements recognize that core academic skills must be reinforced by activities that promote critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. KidUnity fosters these key competencies while emphasizing cross-cultural skills, global awareness, teamwork, and civic literacy.


KidUnity is guided by the belief that one’s capacity for empathy and social commitment are essential to personal growth, leadership, and citizenship. KidUnity provides in-depth, hands-on, professionally curated programs that help children connect thought and feeling. By deepening their understanding of self and others, students will feel empowered to improve their community and understand the relationship between all its members, no matter their circumstance.

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