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Civics in Action!

The Iowa Caucuses










In their own voice:  reflections on the Iowa Caucus experiences

"Firstly, I just wanted to once again thank you both for an unforgettable experience at the Iowa Caucus last weekend. I already miss it so much, and I’m just so grateful.... Again, thank you so much for not only an incredible trip, but an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

- Lucy H.  2020 Iowa Caucus Participant


"I was one of the privileged sixth-graders to learn about the presidential process and engage in the Iowa Caucuses. Prior to the trip ... We also had the opportunity to speak to a former White House reporter and former presidential candidate, Michael Dukakis, giving us insight on what it is like to participate in the race. 

From there, we had a once in a lifetime, hands on experience at the caucuses. We were constantly on the move, going from rally to rally and reporting from a child’s perspective on our very own blog site.  Because of Iowa, I had a chance to become part of history. And even interviewed the possible future president of our nation. We spoke to Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, and even Sarah Palin. On this priceless trip I got a backstage look at the presidential race that I never knew existed. Iowa opened the doors for me as a reporter, changing my life forever. It is an experience I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life. "


- Gia C. 2016 Iowa Caucus Participant

"This has been such an incredible experience for the kids and for me too.  I have learned so much about [my daughter] and she has learned a lot about herself. It was so exciting to hear the recap from her, what she agreed with on with the candidates and what she didn't.  

The Twitter feed and blog was amazing.  Technology really is changing the way we experience things and it definitely enables us to feel connected to what's happening.  Thank you for letting me feel like I was there!

- Evelyn H. (Parent)

"I had to smile. I was so thrilled to hear it. A van full of 6th grade boys talking tax policy. Yes, you heard that right. Tax policy. I mean, what do 6th graders know about this topic? As it turns out, a lot. Well, a lot more than most people. I was surprised, but then again I wasn’t. They weren’t exactly ordinary kids. They were all members of KidUnity, an after school leadership development program in Los Angeles that focuses on civic literacy, critical engagement, and community action." 

- Professor Danielle McGuire, KidUnity Consultant




KidUnity - Civics in Action!

Iowa Caucus 2016

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