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Santa Monica Community Explorer Spring 2016


Grades 4-5


This spring KidUnity is pleased to collaborate with the CS Science department. Students will assume the roles of investigative journalist, environmentalist and documentary filmmaker. The team will begin by understanding the major environmental issues in our community, and then tackle a hands-on project and create a short film documenting their investigations and advocacy. In our final sessions students will present to community leaders and show a “premiere” of their film.  Throughout the program, students will be learning to use KidUnity’s social media tools to document and promote their work.


Session 1:  April 21 - Intro to Documentary Video Making as Advocacy


Session 2 -  April 28 - Storm Drains Project - Planning


Session 3 -  May 5 -  Storm Drain Tour - SMURF (near CS)


Session 4 - May 12 - Storm Drain Project – Implementation


Session 5:  May 19 – Visiting a LEED Certified Business – The Shore Hotel


Session 6 - May 26  - Documentary Film Editing


Session 7:  June 2 - Premiere & Lobbying 101- Conversation with Richard Bloom’s Office About Effective Advocacy

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