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KidUnity's mission is to provide students with a stronger connection to their community. We believe that a deeper and more empathic understanding of community will inspire children to solve the most demanding social problems that their generation faces.


KidUnity started as a series of conversations between two dads about the lack of fun, high-quality, and readily-available service learning programs.  Exhaustive conversations and research, combined with their respective backgrounds as educator and non-profit executive, resulted in forming a 501(c)(3) non-profit where our simple goal is to engage kids in their community.  Kids + Community = KidUnity!


Kid Unity Press and Testimonials



Peter Sheehy

Peter is the parent to Lila (12), Tate (17), and Will (19). He teaches US History at Harvard-Westlake and has more than a decade of teaching experience at the high school and college levels. Peter earned his Ph.D. in United States history from the University of Virginia and his BA from Columbia.

David Snow


David is the parent to Charlotte (13) and Sam (17).  Most recently, he served as the Executive Director of Upward Bound House, a Santa Monica-based non-profit that provides housing and services to homeless families with children.  David earned his MBA from UCLA and his BA from Yale.



Marc Adelman runs a strategic “Do-Tank” firm, Adelmania Consulting, which specialises in public affairs management and strategic planning for corporations, publications, non-profits and foundations.Translating strategic communications and development goals which bridge politics, entertainment, and media projects is the hallmark of Marc Adelman’s career. Adelmania Co


Maya works as the front desk receptionist at Carlthorp School. She received her BA in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii and has interests in cultural awareness and indigenous teachings in an effort to maintain the environment and planet. She has joined KidUnity because of her passion to teach youth about recognizing and solving the various social problems within the LA community.


Sam joined the KidUnity Board of Directors in @016 after helping KidUnity with its Iowa Caucuses workshops and travel experience. Sam is currently a sophomore at University of California at Berkeley. Sam is a graduate of Carlthorp School and the Brentwood School. 

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